Urban Hydraulic Engineering

Infiltration Concept Webergrill Seiersberg

Our tasks for this project included the execution of a seepage test and soil prospecting, as well as the preparation of a seepage concept for a commercial building and traffic areas. The preliminary cleaning of the traffic areas was carried out via infiltration troughs with drainage ditches. Due to the compacted backfill of over 7 m, the infiltration was carried out via seepage shafts. The waterlegal submission for the infiltration and for the water-to-water heat pump was prepared as well.


Client: M&R HT Bau
Planning Period: 2019
Execution Period: 2019–2020
Scope of Activities: Submission project under water law for the infiltration of surface water (effective discharge area 5,030 m²); submission project under water law for the water-to-water heat pump (withdrawal volume 5l/s); discharge of water via 12 seepage shafts and a 440 m² seepage trough