Rojo & Kreß

WHEN: March 22 – September 13, 2024
WHERE: Feldmarschall-Conrad-Platz 11, 9020 Klagenfurt

For their first solo exhibition in Austria, the artist duo is looking south. For Rojo & Kreß, north and south are no longer just cardinal directions, but rather represent the two ends of a supply chain.

Opening: March 21, 2024

Past Exhibitions

OK KunZT - Darja Shatalova
Darja Shatalova

>Waking up (after 1030 Days)<

>Waking up (after 1030 Days)< represents a walk-in room installation in which personal perceptions, statistics and data are artistically processed. 1030 days of pandemic are overcome with a performance.

Veronika Dirnhofer – Who will we have been? (Photo credit: Johannes Puch)
Veronika Dirnhofer


For the exhibition for OK.kunZT, Veronika Dirnhofer has created several 2.40-meter-high works on paper that float suspended on various levels in the building. During the painting process, the artist was inspired by thinking about – and feeling into – the layers of landscapes.

Raphaela Riepl – Falling (for)
Raphaela Riepl

>Falling (for)<

With the inaugural exhibition >Falling (for)<, the artist Raphaela Riepl occupies the space and the large window areas facing the public space for six months with an installation of colored light objects suspended from the ceiling.

The Concept

OK creates a new venue for contemporary art: OK.kunZT gives art space, brings the imagination into play and opens the spacious company premises to interested parties.

Art is an important supporting force in our society. It fires the imagination, holds up a mirror to us, provides us with pleasure but also critical food for thought. OK.kunZT, in cooperation with Galerie3, turns the company headquarters into a cultural venue for Klagenfurt and Carinthia: the art interventions, which change every six months, are visible through the large front windows.

The exhibitions

In addition, the exhibitions are open to the public during business hours as well as on special occasions (Long Night of the Museums).

A common feature of the invited artists: among other things, they develop projects for art on buildings and public space, they intervene, stage and think big.