Residential Engineering

ABA Neuhaus BA02

The wastewater from the villages of Oberdorf, Unterdorf, Hart, Motschula and Neuhaus was combined via gravity sewers and pressure pipes and led via the ABA Neuhaus BA01 to the existing sewer in Lavamünd. The present construction phase also included the construction of 5 pumping stations and several house lifting stations.


Client: Gemeinde Neuhaus
Net Manufacturing Costs: € 1,6 Mio.
Planning Period: 2014
Execution Period: 2016–2017
Scope of Activities: Analysis of variants, submission and implementation planning, construction supervision and complete handling of subsidies

Our scope of services covered the entire range of sewer construction, starting with the preparation of a variant study, through preliminary and draft planning, the preparation of the water law approval project and subsequently the implementation planning and realisation of the construction project by exercising the function of local construction supervision and site coordination. Simultaneously, the handling of subsidies for state and federal funds was carried out by our office.

In a construction period of just under 17 months, the functionality of the canal was established. In the course of the canal project, a comprehensive redesign of the municipal road network was achieved as well. The total eligible costs amount to approx. € 1.60 million.