>Falling (for)<

With the inaugural exhibition >Falling (for)<, the artist Raphaela Riepl occupies the space and the large window areas facing the public space for six months with an installation of colored light objects suspended from the ceiling.

>Falling (for)<

For the permanent light installation, which remains on site as art on site, the artist worked in glass blocks from the building stock of the former Kastner&Öhler and thus created a special light atmosphere.

Glass blocks are corrugated and thus create diffuse surfaces. In combination with the colored light, special refractions and effects are created.

For her, it is precisely a matter of creating something mysterious and thus resisting predictability and pattern recognition, says Raphaela Riepl. The goals of art and engineering could not be more different and yet together they create something new.


Raphaela Riepl (*1985) knew already as a teenager that she wanted to become an artist.

Towards the end of her graphic design studies with Gunter Damisch at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, she was drawn to New York City, where she worked in the studio of internationally renowned light artist Keith Sonnier.

At the same time, she acquired expertise and technical skills in a legendary neon light workshop and exhibited in galleries. Since 2015 Raphaela Riepl lives and works in Vienna. She implements permanent and temporary projects in public spaces and art on buildings and is represented in exhibitions at home and abroad.

Impressions of the exhibition