>Waking up (after 1030 Days)<

>Waking up (after 1030 Days)< represents a walk-in room installation in which personal perceptions, statistics and data are artistically processed. 1030 days of pandemic are overcome with a performance.

7:30 pm Opening with the artist
8pm: drawing performance

>Waking up (after 1030 Days)<

>Waking up (after 1030 Days)< is an installative translation of information artistically coded by Shatalova. Experiencing and, above all, coping with the pandemic is the theme of the multi-part installation, which will be completed with a drawing performance by the artist as part of the opening during the Long Night of Museums. Over the course of several hours, a site-specific drawing is created that opens up new perspectives on what has been experienced for onlookers both in front of the shop window and in the room.


Darja Shatalova (*1988) is a studied mathematician and academic artist. She connects complex contexts, statistics and collected data with her own perception and creates colorful but at the same time precisely crafted spatial installations from them, which lend the underlying materials an attractive aesthetic form and lightness. Art, thus, serves transformation here: objects are created from dry numerical material, with which the community spaces of the OKZT headquarter are now being artistically played with for the third time and opened up to all interested art enthusiasts.