Start of planning for the logistics center in Sežana:

For this project, OKZT is carrying out the general planning for an international logistics company. Currently, the preparations for the foundations and foundation preparation are underway, with massive earthmoving in the entire construction area (approx. 100,000 m²). The floor areas of the future logistics halls amount to approx. 50,000 m².

Civil engineers as managers in times of Corona:

The current market situation in the construction industry with regard to the rising prices of raw materials has led to an increasing scarcity of resources. We are confronted with this challenge in our ongoing planning processes and budgeting. On the one hand, budgets have to be adjusted to current conditions, on the other hand, construction methods and the choice of materials have to be adapted to a different, deliverable, construction material.This leads to adjustments in planning and construction processes. This challenge is taken on together with our clients, in order to reach the best possible outcome. During this crisis we, as civil engineers, are a reliable, flexible and constructive partner for our clients to reach their project goals within time and schedule.

Start of construction automatic and renewal of logistics Mayer-Melnhof, Frohnleiten:

For this construction project, OKZT is working together with a German planning office as general planners for the extension as well as the reconstruction of the entire plant logistics. After an extremely short planning and tendering phase, the necessary building permit could be obtained at the beginning of January and the preparatory construction work could be started. OKZT is planning the infrastructure with all new traffic solutions in the plant and access area. Moreover, our team is responsible for the local construction supervision concerning the corresponding measures.

Extension and reconstruction police headquarters Klagenfurt – construction site coordination:

OKZT is responsible for the general planning and construction site coordination for this building project. The construction task to be solved takes place in a very complex environment during ongoing operations, with public party traffic, as well as the corresponding material and process logistics of the construction site. The local construction supervision and we, as the responsible construction coordinator, work together to ensure an orderly and, above all, safe construction process for all parties involved.

Residential project Gudrunstrasse, Vienna:

For this residential project in Vienna, 11th district, we are responsible for the project management and the local construction supervision, as well as the structural design. The building is a residential complex with nearly 60 small to medium sized apartments and small offices on the first floor, including underground parking. The project is currently in its final phase and we are just about to hand it over to the client. Precise cost management and logistics in a city center location are particularly important in this case.