Construction supervision Bauhaus Rijeka

Construction supervision for the Bauhaus solar power plant in Rijeka, Croatia

We are pleased to announce that OK ZT-GmbH has been selected by the international company Bauhaus to provide construction supervision for their 722 kWp DC solar power plant in Rijeka, Croatia.

The aim of this solar power plant is to provide a reliable source of energy for Bauhaus’ building infrastructure, including heating, cooling, lighting and more.

We are fully motivated to embark on this pioneering project, which will not only promote environmental friendliness but also improve the energy efficiency of Bauhaus facilities.

Our responsibility extends to the precise monitoring of various aspects of the project. This includes monitoring possible roof penetrations, ensuring the proper execution of electrical connections, inverters, earthing work and much more. Through our careful construction supervision, we want to ensure that the solar power plant runs smoothly and efficiently to achieve optimal results.

Working with Bauhaus on this second solar power plant project is not only a great opportunity for us, but also a confirmation of our commitment to sustainable energy solutions. We are delighted to be partnering with such a reputable company as Bauhaus and working together to realize this groundbreaking solar power plant project.

Our team is ready to work closely with Bauhaus to ensure that the solar power plant not only meets the highest technical standards, but also makes a positive contribution to the environment. We are confident that this collaboration will be a milestone in the development of sustainable energy projects and are proud to contribute to it.