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Joachim Kantz

DI Joachim Kantz

Tel. +43 463 44 44 40-410
Mobil +43 664 80 944 410

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After graduating from a HTL-high school, DI Joachim Kantz completed his tertiary education at TU Graz specialising in civil and structural engineering. During and after his studies he worked for Trauntschnig and Unterreiter as a civil engineer, where his responsibilities included engineering as well as construction management.

In 1994 he joined the ZT-office Dipl.-Ing. Heinrich Oberressl as project and office manager. In 1998, after successful attaining his Austrian professional civil engineering licence, he became partner and managing director of Oberressl & Partner ZT-Ges.m.b.H.

In 2000, DI Joachim Kantz was admitted to the professional experts list for Klagenfurt Regional Court. The main activities consist of project management for building construction, commercial, industrial and municipal infrastructure.

Sinc e 2008, DI Joachim Kantz is also registered at the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers.

Heinrich Oberressl

Baurat h.c.
DI Heinrich Oberressl

Tel. +43 463 44 44 40-481
Mobil +43 664 15 68 441

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Baurat h.c. DI Heinrich Oberressl began his career as bricklayer before attending HTL-Villach. After successfully completing the master-builder examination he worked as a technician and office manager prior to his decision to study civil and structural engineering at TU Graz.

After successful admission as licenced professional civil engineer, he founded his own engineering office. His main activities were structural and civil engineering and preparation of professional expert reports.

In 1998, the office became Oberressl & Partner ZT-GmbH together with DI Joachim Kantz as partner and in 2003, it became OBERRESSL & KANTZ ZT-GmbH with DI Joachim Kantz as CEO and Baurat h.c. DI Heinrich Oberressl as Prokurist.

On 19.04.2005 Herr DI Heinrich Oberressl was awarded the title Baurat h.c.

Wolfgang Obernosterer

DI Wolfgang Obernosterer

Tel. +43 463 44 44 40-415
Mobil +43 664 80 944 415

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DI Wolfgang Obernosterer completed his studies at TU Graz specialising in industrial engineering. He gathered his first professional experiences at the Carinthian government and the civil engineering office Schnattler while still studying.

After graduating in 2000 he began at OBERRESSL & KANTZ ZT-GmbH as project leader in the field of water engineering. His expertise is predominantly in project management in the field of urban water management. This includes the design, submission, tendering, site supervision and construction management. In addition to this, DI Wolfgang Obernosterer als manages projects in the fields of building and road construction.

Since 2011, DI Wolfgang Obernosterer is a Prokurist for OBERRESSL & PARTNER ZT-GmbH.