New Projects

Dipo projects in Italy

In February 2017 we opened another branch office in Conegliano for our customer Rutar. The finishing work is currently underway for another branch office close to Pordenone. The shopfitting and preparations for commissioning are already complete. At present, the interior work and work on the outer façade is in progress. There are plans to open the third shop in Italy at the end of July 2017.

Start of construction on housing complexes in Viktring

The static engineering of the two residential properties in Viktring is currently in progress for the LWBK and VKS housing cooperatives. OKZT is responsible here in part for the invitation to tender for the construction works, in part for the energy performance certificates as well as for the entire static and design engineering and also building coordination in the course of project management.

In addition, as part of the administrative procedures, OKZT issued the transport approvals and also the necessary water approvals for leaching/seepage and successfully obtained the relevant official notices.

Investment property in Vienna – start of construction

Oberressl & Kantz ZT-GmbH has prepared 25 apartments in the Erzherzog-Karl-Strasse from planning permission to implementation of building for a prestigious Carinthian developer. The general contractor agreements have already been signed and construction will begin during August 2017. OKZT is drawing up the detailed design and implementation planning, statics and technical building equipment for this and is responsible for handling the local site supervision.

Start of construction on housing complex in Vienna’s Gersthoferstrasse

OKZT, on behalf of the general contractor, is carrying out the static and design engineering for this property. In addition, the measures for the temporary construction pit support system are also being planned and monitored. In due course, OKZT will assume the function of test engineer in accordance with the Viennese building code.

Conclusion of planning activities for expansion of Mondi wood yard/Steti

We are carrying out the detailed design and implementation planning, statics and site supervision for the Czech company Mondi’s wood yard. The work started on schedule in February. Most of the services have already been completed. It is planned to conclude commissioning by October 2017.

Start of construction for Mondi liquor recovery boiler/Steti

OKZT is carrying out the detailed design and implementation planning for Mondi, as well as static calculation of the concrete components and the new liquor recovery boiler. The tenders, building plans and preparations for implementing construction were carried out at record speed. The building work started punctually at the beginning of July. All the foundation work and the approx. 70 m concrete staircase tower will be completed mid-September.

In due course, an electrostatic precipitator building will be built and work will be carried out on the concrete floors and facades in the rising steel building. OKZT is working at the interface between the technology supplier from Finland and local building firms.

Completion of statics for conversion of Supernova Zadar

OKZT, on behalf of the general contractor, is carrying out the static and design engineering for new buildings and also for conversion work in the current shopping mall of Supernova in Zadar. OKZT has been commissioned with all the project’s static engineering including obtaining the necessary approvals.

Permit for Croatia

OKZT has resumed its activities following a prolonged shutdown. Oberessel & Kantz is now represented by a branch office in Croatia. By registering with the Croatian Chamber of Engineering and Commerce, it is possible for OKZT to submit relevant projects to the authorities. OKZT will be available as a competent and effective planning and design partner for further projects in Croatia.

New team leader in building construction

Harald Rappauer (B. Eng.) took over the job of team leader in our building construction department in March 2017. Mr Rappauer has many years of experience abroad (Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia) and will be able to bring this experience to bear on the building projects currently in progress.

Specialist Consultant for Sewer Modernization

Due to the age structure of the sewage systems in our country, attention is naturally focused on preserving the value of or upgrading these plant sections. Sewer modernization not only means replacing retainers or drawing in inliners but also includes an holistic approach. In addition to assessing the condition of the sewage system, this should also take into consideration all the boundary conditions such as hydraulic efficiency, operation, stability, effects on the environment as well as surface use and accessibility.

Since 2014, the ÖWAV [Österreichischer Wasser und Abfallwirtschaftsverband = Austrian Water and Waste Management Association], has offered a training course with 3 modules on this topic.

DI Wolfgang Obernosterer completed these 3 modules and successfully passed the appropriate examination in December 2014. DI Wolfgang Obernosterer is therefore one of the first Specialist Consultants for Sewer Modernization in Austria examined by the ÖWAV.

We have already been involved in upgrading opportunities and the upgrading of existing sewage disposal systems in the past and will continue to address this topic in depth in the future.

Registration of OKZT in the Czech Republic

The OKZT is now officially registered and certified as consulting engineers in the Czech Republic. As a result the company is authorized to submit documents to the authorities for static engineering projects.
The OKZT is currently assisting the paper company MONDI with the conversion of 2 papermaking machines at its sites in Steti (approx. 40 km north of Prague).

Highway Construction Pörtschach

Highway Construction Pörtschach

The 1st subsection of the Karawankenblickstrasse was completed on time and opened up again for traffic just ahead of the summer break. In addition, the entire water pipe including associated domestic connections was replaced in this subsection to upgrade and expand the storm water sewer.
Reconstruction and upgrading work on the 1st subsection of the Sallacher Strasse began in mid-September. It also necessary to replace the existing old water pipe in this case. This subsection will also be completed by mid-November. Plans are already being made for the other subsections of these two streets so that both streets including associated water pipes will have been upgraded within the next 2 years.


Handover of NMS Feldkirchen - Construction Phase 01

The Reformpädagogische Neue Mittelschule Feldkirchen – a progressive new secondary school in Feldkirchen – was handed over to the user in time for the beginning of the new school term.
A completely new wing of the school was constructed and linked up within a 12-month construction period and the existing building was altered including its external appearance.
The OKZT was commissioned with local supervision of the building works. It was possible to comply with all the specified deadlines and costs.


Completion of RNMS Feldkirchen - Construction Phase 02 “Gyms”

The refurbished and upgraded gym wing was connected to the Reformpädagogische Neue Mittelschule in Feldkirchen according to schedule and approved for use at the end of November. The completely adapted gym area including ancillary facilities also provides space for local sports clubs. The OKZT was commissioned with local supervision of the building works and complied with all the specifications in respect of deadlines and costs.

Kircher & Kircher, Annenheim I

Kircher & Kircher, Annenheim I

Slope stabilization work for the Annenheim I project began in February 2014. The project is located on the south flank of the Gerlitzen mountain. This is where Kircher & Kircher are constructing an unusual residential development in conjunction with the Greek architects Bürger-Katsota. Our support is required on the topics of static design, tendering and project coordination.

Start Kelag Südosteuropa

Start of Kelag Southeast Europe

The OKZT is carrying out the static and design engineering for Kelag projects in Bosnia and Albania. In addition to the technical and static measures to protect the pressure pipes, we are carrying out the static and design engineering work tailored to the local building regulations and taking the local opportunities into account.

Baubeginn Wohnanlage Glangasse für die Stadtgemeinde St. Veit

Start of construction on the Glangasse housing complex for the municipality of St. Veit

Construction work commenced recently on the new housing complex with 20 residential units in the Glangasse in St. Veit.

Baubeginn Eurospin Maribor

Start of construction for Eurospin Maribor

The OKZT is carrying out the general contractor planning for all project phases and preliminary draft through to handover for the conversion of a Eurospin retail outlet in Maribor. The preparatory phase with the building authorities has already been completed and construction has begun. The plan is to hand over a 1,250 m2 shop area to the Eurospin company no later than September 2014.

Buschenschenke Trippel

Buschenschenke Trippel - new build in Carinthia

The OKZT is pleased to be involved in a further stage in the development of Carinthia as a wine-growing province. The Trippel family is establishing a winery close to Lake Maltschach with attached Buschenschenke [wine bar and restaurant]. The wines which have been produced there for many years will now be developed and marketed locally by making use of the cellar facilities constructed for the purpose.

Baubeginn NMS Feldkirchen, Baustufe 2 – Turnsäle

Start of construction on NMS Feldkirchen, Construction Stage 2 – gym halls

Work has been progressing on the gym halls of the NMS and Feldkirchen primary school since May 2014. The existing gym hall surfaces are being removed, the outer shell will undergo general renovation and the internal areas will be brought up to the current state of the art. Planned handover to the user is scheduled for the end of September 2014. The OKZT is commissioned with local site management.

Rohbaugleiche Mittelschule

Topping out ceremony for new secondary school

The topping out ceremony for the new secondary school in Feldkirchen took place last week.
The work is on schedule and within budget.
The facade work and internal construction work began immediately after the ceremony.
The plan is to hand over this construction stage to the pupils and users at the end of the summer holidays in 2014.